Educational Resource Presentations

As part of the project we have worked with Alison Mott, who is an experienced creative writer, teacher and educationalist. Using the images, voice recordings and her knowledge of the project, she has created a number of power point presentations supported by the links to the National Curriculum and an Activity pack. Please feel free to download these materials and use in an educational or community setting, but acknowledgement of the source of the materials and support of the Heritage Lottery Funding would be nice!

We also have a great book available that can be used to support the project.

Powerpoint 1 – Leicester – city of 1000 trades

Powerpoint 2 – Multicultural Leicester

Powerpoint 3 – Wolsey Pictures

Powerpoint 4 – The Farming Project

Powerpoint 5 – Variety and Flavour activity

Changing Spaces, Trading Places lesson activities

Changing Spaces Trading Places curriculum information